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Interactive Classroom Readings


Carey Rigby-Wilcox has traveled throughout Canada sharing her message of the importance of literacy. From early childhood, Carey struggled with reading and writing. In school, Carey was ashamed and she kept her literacy issues a secret, thus hindering her ability to learn. Today, as an adult learner who has overcome low literacy, Carey communicates the importance of self-motivation as a catalyst for personal success. She is an example of how someone with low literacy can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and become an award-winning author.


Sharing her history of personal triumphs from the time she began working with a tutor over twenty-six years ago, Carey emphasizes the value of supporting each other and of the importance of continuous learning. Carey’s personal mission is for students to read her books or hear her story and go on to share the message with others who may be struggling with low literacy. She is driven to be an example of how someone with low-literacy can overcome the obstacles holding them back from making his or her dreams come true.


Through sharing her inspiring story in classrooms, students will hear about Carey’s personal, triumphant journey and read her poignant books, becoming motivated by her messages. Carey’s goal is to use her books to inspire children to promote literacy.


Carey’s engaging presentations include a unique, age-appropriate Power Point presentation specifically tailored for each interactive reading.



#1 Interactive Classroom Reading  Recommended Grades K to 4



#2 Interactive Classroom Reading  Recommended Grades

2 to 4 & Grades 5 to 8.


#3 Interactive Classroom Reading  Recommended Grades

 5 to 8 & Grades 9 to 12.

See a Book Take a Look

Reading Adventures!


Carey takes little readers on a journey through the rich illustrations in her books; “Ten Little Ladybugs in my Jar,"

"Libraries and Books and Words...Oh My!”and “A Song to Sing”.


Using a variety of interactive activities, Carey shows how reading is a fun adventure. During this presentation, Carey also touches on the issue of low-literacy and how she overcome this personal challenge. Carey emphasizes the connection between developing a love for reading with the importance of regular reading practice both alone and with others, of asking for help, and of supporting each other. Carey has an intuitive way of adapting her presentation to her audience members and keeping them engaged as she shares her love for books. The children go on to be inspired so that when they see a book, they are sure to take a look!


Libraries and Books and Words…Oh My!


In this engaging presentation filled with plenty of audience interaction, Carey presents her story “Libraries and Books and Words…Oh My!” in a Power Point slide-show. The protagonist in the story is a mother with a fear of the library. Carey demonstrates how the library is a challenge for the mother, however the love she has for her children is what compels her to overcome her fear. Through courage and sheer determination, everything she learns along her journey helps her to discover her own personal power, fostering a lifelong love of learning within her.


There is no bigger strength than facing your fears, no matter what they are, as Carey communicates to her young audience. Beyond her inspiring and motivating message, Carey also demonstrates some of her self-taught techniques in writing and illustrating to show how she brings her book to life.



Maximum 100 people.

Smaller groups allow for more interaction.


Presentation package includes:


• Sixty minute interactive classroom reading

• Empowerment activity package to correspond          each reading

• Set of books for your classroom library collection with each reading



Only a few places Carey has visited:

Discover the Path to Creating an Empowering Book!


Do you want to create an exciting book project for your community classroom? In this interactive reading, award-winning independent author, Carey Rigby-Wilcox goes behind the scenes and demonstrates the steps involved in creating a book from initial concept to print-ready product. Students will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of the processes involved in creating a book.


There are several roles between author and illustrator in the collaborative pursuit of creating and self-publishing a book. The fledgling authors, artists and graphic designers in your classroom will be inspired by the role that sparks their individual interests, while they develop their creative writing, organization, research and collaboration skills in this team building exercise.


Providing your students with the experience of this book-making project will instill a sense of individual accomplishment when they each see their names in print. It is an opportunity for teachers to inspire students to support a cause, highlight an interesting member of their community, or create a lasting legacy of their school’s history.


Carey shares her self-taught techniques in writing, illustrating, self-publishing and marketing to bring her books from concept to finished product. Carey identifies both the challenges and successes she encountered to produce printed and electronic editions of her own books as she enlightens students to what is involved in creating an empowering book using modern technology.

Father Robinson Community School

Saint Philip School

Arthur Pechey Public School, Prince Albert

Creative Writing Seeds

Montgomery School

Chief Beardy Memorial Elementary

W.P. Bate School

St. Edward School

Perdue School

Kinistin Saulteaux Nation Education Centre

St. Bernard School

McClellan School Watrous Elementary School

Viscount Central School

St. Alphonsus School



Family Literacy Day

Kindersley Library

Princess Margaret School, PA, Sk.

Young Writers of Saskatchewan

Nokomis School, Sk.

WJ Berezowsky, PA, Sk.

Girl Guides Camps

Spritwood School, Sk

St. Luke School

St. John School

Bigger School

Forest Grove Elementary Montgomery

Saskatoon Public Library

Library Conferences

Regina Public Library

St Philip School

Culture days Delisle

St. Angela School

Pike Lake School

Father Vachon School

Lester B Pearson School

Westmount School

Delisle Elementary School

Meadows School Brandon, MB

Vanscoy School

St. Bernards School

Holy Family School

Bishop Roborecki School

Delisle Pre-School

Rose Town schools

Outlook School

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