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 Promote a lifelong love of reading among children and youth of all ages with an interactive presentation by acclaimed literacy advocate and two-time Moonbeam A ward recipient, Carey Rigby-Wilcox! Carey is a committed literacy advocate, author, illustrator and publisher. Her books are in libraries, schools and bookstores across Canada and she travels throughout the country in her crusade against low-literacy. Carey graduated high school with her diploma and a secret; she could not read. It was not until a few years later when she was expecting her first child, that Carey felt she could overcome her personal shame and seek help. For the next 25 years, Carey met with a tutor. She learned to read, and with each milestone she passed, her passion and desire to help others grew. Carey has written, co-written, collaborated on, and published nine books to date. She has received numerous awards, has been featured in the media, and often appears on the Shaw Cable production, Lit Happens.


A perfect opportunity to create or renew lifelong enthusiasm for the local library!



Libraries and Books and Words…Oh My!


In this engaging presentation and with audience interaction, Carey presents her story in a Power Point slide-show. She will demonstrate that the library is a challenge for the mother in this story; however, the love for her children is what compels her to overcome her fear. Through courage and sheer determination, everything she learns along her journey helps her to discover her own personal power, fostering a lifelong love of learning within her. There is no bigger strength than facing your fears, no matter what they are, as Carey will communicate to the children in attendance. Beyond her inspiring and motivating message, Carey will also demonstrate some of her self-taught techniques in writing, and illustrating to show how she brings her book to life.


 • School Audience

  • Daytime Parent Group

  • Community Evening Event

Presentation package includes: Sixty minute interactive reading Door prizes for each event booked Colouring sheets for participants Set of four books for your library collection: My Mummy Couldn’t Read My Dad Couldn’t Read Ten Little Ladybugs in my Jar Libraries and Books and Words…Oh My!

Message from Carey:


The new Saskatchewan budget brought many cuts to many valuable programs in this amazing province we call home, and I was devastated to learn that the Saskatoon and Regina public libraries have had 100% of their funding eliminated, while the seven regional library systems will be forced to operate with 60% less funding than previously (see story here <> ).


I know first-hand how important the public libraries are to Saskatchewan families and the contributions libraries make toward literacy. To try and save our libraries, I have signed a petition. It is my sincerest hope that my fellow Literacy Warriors, their friends and families take a moment and click on this link <>  to do the same.


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