“My Mummy Couldn't Read ” was nominated for a Saskatchewan Book Awards “Book of the Year” (2008) “My Mummy Couldn’t Read” is resource for all ages. It can help elementary students learn to ask for help if they are struggling with learning. Children can read the book to their parents who might struggle with literacy. These parents can realize that there are places that they can go to receive help and understand that they are not alone when it comes to struggling with reading and it’s never too late to learn. Carey understood at an early age that she had reading difficulties. Even though she loved books, she only liked them because of their beautiful illustrations. Carey felt very different as a child growing up because she just didn’t understand why everyone else could read except her. Carey’s biggest fear in life was being found out that she could not read. In school Carey thought up strategies to get out of reading out loud. The older she became the better her strategies became. Unfortunately all of this took away from her truly learning to read. She received her grade 12 Diploma, but was unable to read very well. After high school she had a series of low paying jobs and accepted the she would have to be content with a sad future. When Carey became pregnant, she received a box of books as a gift for her unborn baby, and she realized that she couldn’t read the books. She understood that she needed to do something for her baby and her child’s future. So she found a literacy tutor who has dedicated her time every Sunday to teach Carey to read. This one-on-one time with her tutor has enabled Carey to experience a life filled with opportunity and has taken her life in several new directions. Every challenge and obstacle she has gone through, she has also overcome. Her journey has guided her towards her deepest passions-- books and art. Combining them, she has become a self-published author and illustrator. Thinking that at first she just needed to learn for her son’s future, in the end it not only help his future, but Carey’s future as well. Carey wants to share her story to help others who have never had reading or writing problems better understand what it is like for those that do. This little book has taken her across Canada sharing the importance of learning to read. It requires time and hard work, but one should never give up because the end results of literacy are amazing!!!

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My Mummy Couldn't Read

Soft Cover Book


My Mummy Couldn't Read

Written & illustrated by Carey Rigby-Wilcox

Author: Carey Rigby-Wilcox

Illustrator: Carey Rigby-Wilcox

Publisher: See a Book Take a Look

Published: First Edition 2007

Second Eduction 2014

Language: English

Audience Level: Juvenile Fiction,


Size:  8” x 8”

Format: Full-colour children’s book, 32pp

ISBN: 978-0-9781874-1-5

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July 21 2017


Review #1: Review by Carla Trueheart


Review Rating: 5 Stars

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Reviewed By Carla Trueheart for Readers’ Favorite


My Mummy Couldn’t Read is a delightful, inspirational story that all children would love to read! The tale is told through the eyes of a young son as he follows his mother through her school years and to the years surrounding his birth. His mummy, in grade school, could not read and oftentimes tried to hide this fact from classmates and instructors. While Mummy made it through school, when it came time for her son’s birth and then his early years, Mummy wanted to read to him but could not. What follows is a story of overcoming obstacles and following through with determination. Author Carey Rigby-Wilcox matches the enlightening story with colorful illustrations that highlight the story without taking away from the images and feelings a reader might have in their own minds. In fact, the illustrations only add to those feelings and the reader’s imagination.


What I enjoyed most about My Mummy Couldn’t Read is the level of determination that Mummy showed at the end of the story. After many years of hiding the fact that she could not read, and doing whatever she could to avoid reading, Mummy finally determines that she must learn to read so she is able not only to read to her child, but also show him how to follow through with important goals. I don’t know what better lesson there might be for a child than that of following through with a goal and seeing it to fruition. Author Carey Rigby-Wilcox shows this through the illustrations, the full story told from the viewpoint of the child, and through the carefully chosen narrative. This book will be a great addition to any child’s library and will be appreciated by children and adults alike.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Literacy Sept. 15 2015

By Mavis Brown-Ekue - Published on Amazon.com

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I welcomed this book because my mother could not read or write. So she could not help me with my homework when I was in school. I became a teacher mainly because of that. Now that I am retired I wish to volunteer as a tutor to adults.




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Carey Rigby-Wilcox


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Canada, S7K 1N2