About the Book Ten active little ladybugs live within the brightly illustrated pages of this sparkly picture book. Little readers will learn subtraction through this interactive storybook as one by one, the ladybugs escape the jar in which they spend their days. Ten Little Ladybugs in my Jar is a unique little book written and illustrated to build confidence in young readers. After reading it through once or twice, they will be sure to share it with others around them! Carey Rigby-Wilcox is a self-taught artist who struggled with reading until she received help from a literacy tutor. Before she improved her reading and writing skills, she was scared of books because of the words, but her passion for art made Carey love to look at the pictures. Ten Little Ladybugs is the first in her See a Book Take a Look ™ series. Learning to read gave her the courage to believe in herself, and a desire to expand her life by becoming an author and illustrator. But to achieve this, the only place she where she could learn all she needed was one of the scariest places she could think of--the local library. The library was a scary place, filled with books filled with words. She had taken her children there so they would become comfortable with books, but now she need to use it for herself. Carey took out every book and DVD on art she could find to teach herself different techniques of painting with watercolors. She needed training how to use computer programs to create a book. The resources from the library helped her learn about self-publishing, printing, and marketing. Ten Little Ladybugs is a very special book because it helped Carey overcome her fear of libraries and create a dream come true--becoming an author and illustrator. She wants to create lively beautiful books that anyone can enjoy. They are meant for adults and children to experience together, to become comfortable with holding a book, and even to use the illustrations to create their own story. Becoming able to read has given Carey many opportunities, freedom to have choices and create her life's dreams.

Ten Little Ladybugs in my Jar

Written & illustrated by Carey Rigby-Wilcox

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Author:  Carey Rigby-Wilcox

Illustrator: Carey Rigby-Wilcox

Publisher:  See a Book Take a Look

Published: 2006

Language: English

Audience Level: Juvenile Fiction, Fiction

Size:  8” x 8”

Format: Full-colour children’s book, 32pp

ISBN:  978-0-9781874-0-7

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Ten Little Ladybugs in my Jar

Soft Cover Book


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See a Book Take a Look

Carey Rigby-Wilcox


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Canada, S7K 1N2